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Elle.Pi.Food egg pasta is divided into long skein pasta in various shapes, long arched pasta and short pasta.
Long skein pastas and arched pastas are obtained through the rolling process which wisely calibrated prevents the sheet of pasta from overheating, thus keeping intact the intrinsic organoleptic values ​​of the product as well as limiting thermal damage to the proteins. A slow and low temperature drying in static drying cells allows the pasta to maintain the gluten structure unaltered, giving our egg pasta the wonderful taste of "homemade pasta

Suitable for all your recipes

Albesi, Tagliatelle, Fettuccine, Pappardelle both in skein and bow, Farfalle, Garganelli ...
There are many varieties: simply with egg only or enriched with tomato or spinach. Enter our world of egg pasta, choose how to delight your palate and, as if by magic, you will rediscover the true flavors of simplicity that, combined with our passion for pasta, will make you find close to us and our products ... beyond expectations ...

Simply with oil or butter and Parmesan cheese the Albesi or our Tagliatelle will surprise you. Accompany the Pappardelle with a game or game sauce and your palate will be delighted.
For the traditional, the classic tomato sauce or meat sauce will marry well with Fettuccine.
A sauce based on sausage, pesto, walnut sauce will be valid companions for short pasta such as Garganelli and Farfalle whether they are only egg or tricolor
Regardless of the seasoning you want to prepare the egg pasta by Elle.Pi.Food. through the variety of its proposals it will be able to respond to the most diverse needs

Could it be interesting for you....

Our specialties are created to make your important moments unique, amaze your guests with Elle Pi Food products.

Our special pastas are of different flavors, choose your favorite: spicy, salmon, asparagus or cuttlefish ink. 

Those who love to be surprised by flavors at the same time will be able to discover the multi-flavored and multicolored line.

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