Pasta and our packaging

Always looking for a captivating and never banal style

The importance of an attractive style

Over the years, the aspect inherent to packaging has also acquired increasing importance, we know how visual power is also important for correct commercial communication. Our team is engaged in a captivating and non-trivial stylistic research. At Elle.Pi.Food, we are engaged in constant research into packaging matter we know that the eye also wants its part, which is why we are committed to developing new ideas and innovative styles for the moment of packaging. Pasta has always been one of the most consumed foods, both for its low cost and for its ease of use, without forgetting the main factor: it is irresistible.

Our Product

Made with the best made in Italy ingredients

Attentive to your needs

Fortunately, the flavors have remained the same over the years. Instead, what is in continuous and constant evolution is the packaging, both in envelopes and in cardboard. Walking through the supermarkets it is easy today to come across solutions that until recently we would never have thought of finding. Why, you are wondering? Well simply because the research in terms of style and originality that now involves all types of production is also starting to affect food packaging.

The dress for special occasions

Referring to the characteristics of the current market, one immediately realizes how important, indeed vital, it is to work on a packaging that is captivating but which, at the same time, makes people talk about itself and refers to the main characteristics of the product. The packaging, today, on the one hand must communicate its own identity (origin, tradition, manufacturing processes) and on the other, reason with a view to sales and exports, thus making it attractive even beyond national borders.
Aware of this, pasta, at Elle.Pi.Food, wears the dress for special occasions.

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