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The Elle Pi Food is also specialized in common bakery products. Fresh bread and pizza, biscuits and pastries. Our bread made only with organic flours is the result of passion and love for the national gastronomic tradition, delightful flavors referring to authentic old tastes.
Prodotti da forno Torino

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Among the many types of bread you can also buy low-salted bread, ideal for those who are suffering from hypertension or want reduce salt consumption. Particularly appreciated are also our 'panini', French loaf, bread roll (also with wholemeal flour) and cereal bread. Like bread, our pizza also testify ancient and authentic flavors, whose scent recalls memories of the past. Preparation and workmanship are the only true secret: art, skill and long leavening make the dough into a real masterpiece.
Bistotti da forno

Bakery delights

Baked pastries further enrich our offer, you will find many varieties of dried and stuffed biscuits, sold by weight or in special packs. Grissini, crostini, salatini and other special creations complete our offer, without forgetting the so-called dried desserts, such as wafer, frollini and savoiardi.
What are you waiting for? Follow your desires, immerse yourself in an experience of taste and passion by choosing our baked products.

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