Dried pasta Torino


Italian Gourmet

Also produced by the cylinder method, the Pasta Specials to the Taste of Elle.Pi.Food are durum wheat semolina paste, which, at the time of the dough, adds characteristic ingredients like porcino, saffron, black sepia, salmon, lemon or orange.The Pasta Specials to Tastes will make you taste the most tasty flavors of the best gastronomic excells, whenever you want.
Pasta all’uovo Torino

Quality expressed in a thousand flavors

Simplicity and genuineness are important factors for creating a new product.We at Elle.Pi.Food have always adopted these criteria to give our consumers a pasta of high quality symbol of the variety of perfumes typical of the whole of Italy with flavors typical of our country.The search for new combinations with cereals, legumes, dehydrated vegetables and aromatic herbs makes the Special Paste to Taste become the harmony of tastes between culture and tradition.

For all tastes

Our pasta is very special, synonymous with unmistakable experience and witnesses of inebriating flavors. Spicy, salmon, asparagus, squid ink: you'll always want it. Let yourself be tempted by an endless universe of flavors, free your secret culinary fantasies and make recipes of all kinds, experiencing spicy combinations and unusual mixes.
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