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Strictly Italian dish, more precisely in the Emilia region, our pasta is characterized by the simple and genuine dough, made from hen eggs and wheat flour.
Thickness, rather than breadth, tells us what is going to be. Thin pastry like a veil will create fantastic noodles and quadrucci on soup, while the thicker ones are indicated for dry dish: the spaghetti alla chitarra, for example, in which the thickness can be understood as the width of the spaghetti, giving the pasta its typical square shape.

Pasta all’uovo Torino

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Among baking dough for soup and spaghetti alla chitarra, unique taste, tradition and type of seasoning define the desired thickness. The shape of the pasta also indicates further differences. The tagliolini, which are just over a millimeter in width and Liguria's pappardelle or lasagne, cut into large strips that can exceed 4 cm. The well-known noodles and fettuccine, however, embody intermediate forms.

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Regardless of regional seasoning as well as those recently offered by the restaurant, the tradition wants fresh egg pasta to marry typical local inland sauces, such as ragout, tomato sauces, pesto, walnut sauce with butter or with cheese, this latter mistakenly thought as a plus, but that actually allows you to taste the full flavor of traditional pasta. Even stronger sauces with fresh salami such as sausages, or legumes, such as beans, are seasonal ingredients that well adapt to this kind of dish. Tradition and genuineness at your service.
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