Our Origins


Our history

For more than 20 years, the Elle Pi Food in Turin, represents your guarantee of freshness and excellence. Among our qualities, we proudly affirm our meticulous care for details, in order to strike in the vast and varied industry like the gastronomic one.

Our philosophy

Our products, strictly made in Italy, represent passion and love for authentic Italian flavors. This is guaranteed by our suppliers, providing unbeatable flavor and quality. Our egg noodles, special pasta and multi flavored pasta, are characterized by a single common element: the excellence. Our true strength, the basis of our activity, is the passion for our work and for those typical local flavors, able to magically evoke sweets childhood memories

Elle Pi Food Torino
Pasta fresca

Constant Evolution

Experience and tradition, as mentioned, are for the Elle Pi Foods not important but fundamental. However, it would be a mistake to think we are static and fixed to one goal, especially in a such changing social context. Mindful of our roots, strong in our past, we can look to the future with authentic optimism, aware that the ambition of experiencing new horizons starts from a strong, life-long background.